Places To Visit Outside Bristol For The Ultimate Weekend Getaway

You do not have to wait for the arrival of summer in order to plan a vacation. There are places you can visit outside Bristol that are within an hour’s drive. With picturesque views and the fresh air, you will surely come back home feeling like a brand new person. So go ahead, pack your bag, and hop into your car and take a drive to the ultimate destination and soak in the summertime weather in these scenic locations. 

1. The Mendip Hills

You can never go wrong when you visit the South West and bask in the natural beauty of the lush green rolling hills of the gorgeous Mendips. They start from Weston Down all the way to Wells. Moreover, there are numerous well-equipped campsites to choose from, where you can set up your tent and enjoy gazing at the stars in front of a nice open fire.

2. The Blackdown Hills

Drive a bit far away from Bristol in order to reach the absolutely stunning Blackdown Hills. Known for its exceptional natural beauty that is stretching across the border of Somerset and Devon. These hills offer a scenic view and are ideal for hiking or taking a walk. So pack up your boots and set up your tent at one of the campsites. After your adventurous walk, visit one of their great country pubs and replenish your energy. Also, make sure to visit their cider farm before driving back home.

3. Herefordshire

Not fond of tents? Then go ahead and hire a private yurt and discover the new meaning of glamping. This quiet countryside in Herefordshire stretches from England to Wales’s border. It comes with a mini kitchen that is separated, plus an eco-friendly and private shower block. It is perfect if you are looking to stay off-grid for some time. This place looks stunning during the summertime. You wake up listening to the sounds of nature and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

4. Batcombe Vale

A lot of the best camping locations in the UK are found in Somerset, and Batcombe Vale just happens to be one of those beautiful places. It is right outside Shepton Mallet, within the countryside. There is a plethora of activities you can take part in, such as canoeing, fishing, and hiking. Plus, you can also visit Wells, which is the smallest city in England, and it is only a couple of miles away. Or you can take a walk and discover a hidden glade, where you can spend a relaxing afternoon reading your favourite book. 

5. Ladye Bay

Are you looking to spend a day on the shores of a beach instead? Then worry not! Forget visiting Minehead or Weston. You can visit one of South West’s famous beaches, the stunning Ladye Bay. Located near Clevedon, this sandy beach plus the large cliffs makes it a popular location for the adventure-seeking rock climbers. However, there are a lot of fun activities over there for families as well. So go ahead and pack yourself a delicious picnic and spend some time in the calming water. If you are into beaches, then you should definitely read following post: Top 15 beaches near bristol for a great day out at the seaside

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